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How To Create A Signature Gift


Closing gifts are a big part of real estate life. Knowing what to gift for each client or how much to spend can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when first starting out or if your clientele has changed. Read on for some good suggestions based on conversations with Realtors®.

Creating a Signature Gift

1. Find a vendor that offers multiple options so you are only ordering from one place. This keeps is quick and convenient.

2. Choose 3-5 go to gifts that would appeal to almost any home owner in multiple price ranges. For example, a charcuterie board with wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Or a set of tumblers with monogrammed coasters.

3. Make sure it’s something that you can have your logo on (if multiple items, at least on one of them).

4. Package it beautifully…this is a part of the experience! You can use your branding here, too. A ribbon in your branding colors, a metallic logo on the box, etc.

5. Include a handwritten personalized card.

When done well, your clients will actually tell their friends and family about their closing gift! This definitely will make you stand out when they are choosing a Realtor® to work with when selling or buying their next home.

So how much should a closing gift cost?

The general consensus among Realtors® is 1-5% of your commission, so an average of 3%. This is usually enough to give a meaningful gift that makes an impression without breaking the bank.

At Angel Oak Gifts, we have a large variety of gifts that are loved by homeowners and also allow you to add your branding. We even have bundled gifts for beautiful gift baskets.

We would love to help you wow your next client!


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