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As you can imagine, a house full of strong, independent women means a house full of people with passionate ideas, and goals. One way we’ve been able to channel all our individual hobbies together is through our company. My girls are out of the house now, two working as nurses in Middle Tennessee and one attending veterinary school in Knoxville. Working together on this has given us the most special opportunity to keep close and connected regardless of our busy schedules. 

I found my unknown passion for woodworking ten years ago after my husband passed away. My love for painting and design mixed with some power tools gave a natural gateway to our custom gifting business. Stephanie’s love of cheese boards (seriously, she’s got an addiction), Savannah’s management and marketing talent, and Sierra’s creativity added just what I needed to take my fun hobby and turn it into a full-fledged business. During busy times we’ve convinced husbands and boyfriends to pitch in, it’s truly a family affair!

Every piece we make and every product we engrave has so much thought and care put into it. Every customer we get to help bring their ideas to life is so special to us. No matter how intricate, complicated, or far-fetched your vision is, we would love to help you turn it into a reality! Email us with your creative ideas, we would love to create something for you.

Thank you for your support of our dream.

Hi, I'm Ann Marie and together with my daughters Stephanie, Savannah, and Sierra, we are Angel Oak Gifts.

Ann Marie

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